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Krowned in Kurlz was developed by nursing student & natural enthusiast, Monique Spence. After losing her dad (the bread winner of the family) in her second year of nursing school she was faced with either giving up or going harder than she ever did. You knew what she did? She went hard. Found her first job working part-time as a customer service rep to help with school. Shortly after she became pregnant with her first child and then had to balance working part time, nursing school full time and being a mom. Balancing all three was time consuming and she started to neglect her natural hair. Before her natural hair got to a terrible state she decided to formulate products that would not only save time but also money in her parents' kitchen.

Monique is no stranger to the natural hair care world as her journey began on online forums in 2012 around the time when the natural hair movement started. There she took pride in blogging about black hair care to meet their natural hair goals doing DIY (do it yourself) treatments on my blogging forum called Kinky Curly Coily Queens.

I know there are so many other naturals that have given up on their curls because of similar issues I once faced with balancing a hectic lifestyle. It wasn't hard to decide I wanted my brand to be a difference. Not just creating products based on what's popular but creating products that actually does what it is intended to do - save time and also money.

Natural Hair Products

Our line of natural hair products were formulated with natural kinky, curly, coily hair girls in mind. All products are handmade to boost moisture, prevent hair loss and breakage, curl and style hair and most of all aid in hair growth.

The deep conditioner is really good. A little goes a long way. It has great slip and the detangling process was easy. 

Pine & Ginger Deep Conditioner

It's funny how my friends always say "do a wash and go" and I always say "my hair can't do that" but I tried your gel on the kinkiest part of my hair and to my surprise it was so defined and curly compared to the usual. Before you sent the gel I was avoiding gels because of my eczema. I used your gel almost a week ago and my scalp is just fine.

Flaxseed Styling Gel

I love your 4-in-1 Styling Cream. I use along with your Nourishing Oil Blend and I always achieve great results. It keeps my hair so moisturized....

4-in-1 Styling Cream + Nourishing Oil Blend

Look on juicy twist. Girl your hands are blessed. Keep doing the do. Your products are bomb af. I've tried the Hair Milk, Hair Yoghurt & Oil together & I'm in love. 

Hair Milk + Hair Yoghurt + Nourishing Oil Blend


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